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At LHSG, we prioritize co-existence and sharing
We believe that we can make the world better by promoting
the sharing of useful information and adding value.

Our service

POPcloud provides anytime, anywhere access to your files from any device, so no matter where you are, or what device you're using, your're covered.
POP Photo Album is the best photo organizer grouping photos by time&places in three differenct sizes. It helps you to manage your so many photos easily.
POP TV provides social ratings of TV program from popular SNS such as Twitter or Facebook through the analysis of the Big data technology.
WHOOPEE helps you to transfer your photos and videos directly from device to device using your local Wi-Fi network.

Business area

Cloud storage
The easiest and most secure way to share, synchronize and backup files wherever you are, online or off-line. Access your contents online from any device or from the w eb. Share content with direct links to files and folders, turn any folder into a public webpage or blog.
Big Data
The Big Data Solution of LHSG is "Big Data as a Service," which allows anyone to utilize big data for various applications. Its safe and simple cloud-based UI, massive heterogeneous data analysis and processing cost savings makes the Solution a new data processing platform technology in the era of Big Data.
Android STB
The performance of the Android UI solution of LHSG is maximized in environments with limitations, such as mobile systems or embedded systems. It is the ideal solution that effectively satisfies the various UX demands of customers.


LHSG is a service provider that creates higher value by selecting and sharing useful information
LHSG is a technology- and human-centered enterprise where enthusiastic and ambitious talents have gathered together to provide technology and services that can change the world.
We believe that we can change the world if we have a dream and make shared efforts to realize it.
We are focusing on technology development and developing services to provide users with higher value. What is your dream job? LHSG is not the most successful company in the world, but is a company for talented people like you who want to make us the most successful company.
Join LHSG now, and be a part of something remarkable for the future!
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